How Jack Ma Build His E-commerce Empire of Success

Success stories of Jack Ma building his e-commerce empire of success in infographic


Jack Ma is the most successful Asian Chinese internet entrepreneur in the 21st century. Jack Ma who is also a former teacher before he was exploring the world wide web and electronic commercial B2B and B2C marketplace.

 Jack Ma co-founded and chairs Alibaba Group, one of the world’s largest e-commerce businesses with his net worth currently is more than $ 30 Billion and becoming one of the technology entrepreneurs in theTop 100 Forbes billboard list.

Today, Jack Ma is  also one of the most influential people in this Asia, European,and America countries. He shares and speaks his success stories around the world which is helping other’s to achieve what he had achieved in the similar industry, startups and entrepreneurship. One of his secret of of success is his beliefs and philosophy is his greatest assets to make him a successful businessman.

According to Jack Ma, “Greatest failure is giving up.” His early career was full of thorns of failure. He applied in approximately thirty jobs but got rejected in all. He told in one of his interview that he was the one who got rejected by the KFC, among twenty-four job applicants.

Jack Ma applied for Harvard, ten times but got rejection. He was called ‘crazy’ by his fellow mates since he had unique thinking and ideas. But he never tried to settle down to find some normal job.

In April 1995, Jack Ma along with his wife and friend started their own company named “China Yellow Pages”. This company was responsible for making websites for the other companies. They started making money of approximately 800,000 USD within first three years.

In 1999, he quit his job and founded Alibaba group with his eighteen friends. Alibaba was established to provide China an e-commerce business website. It consists of consumer-consumer, business-consumer and business-business sales via web portals.

In 2014, Jack Ma raised $25 billion on the New York Exchange and made Alibaba Group one the most important and valuable e-commerce company.

Recently on 8th September 2017, Jack Ma celebrated 18 glorious years of Alibaba Group. He also danced as a famous dancer, Michael Jackson. 

In short, here is the infographic about bio-data about Jack Ma’s journey to success.

Once he stated, “We are never in lack of money. But, we lack people with dreams, who can die for those dreams.”

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